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General Info.

Our studio is located on the corner of Jarvis and Clinton Streets.  Our second floor studio provides a spacious floor plan with beautiful hardwood floors, exposed brick, a stylish and state of the art set-up, as well as a big city feel to all of our new and returning dance families!
Look for our sign on the side of the building on Jarvis Street!

Our Goal...
is to provide quality training for dancers of all ages and abilities.  We will create an environment that is warm, welcoming and inspiring.  All of our routines will be age and ability appropriate.  And we will strive to entertain to the fullest!

~ BCDC Staff ~

Tuition Prices & Payment Information

Tuition is due the FIRST class of each month.

Monthly charges are a flat rate per hour class and based on an average of four classes per month. 

A small discount will be given for each additional group class that is taken per student or family member.

Weekly "Combo Classes", Kid, Teen & Adult Classes:

* 45 min. class:  $36.00/month
* 1 hour class:  $48.00/month
* 1 hour & 15 min. class:  $60.00/month
* 1 hour & 30 min. class:  $72.00/month
Practice CD upon request:  $5.00 per CD

Semi-Private Lessons (2-3 students):
$14.00 per 1/2 hour (per student)

Private Lessons:
$18.00 per 1/2 hour

Monthly Unlimited Options:
These packages are age / level based. 
$150/month:  (ages 8-12)
$170/month:  (ages 13 & up)

Take as many group classes and weekly work-outs as you wish for a flat monthly rate.  'Monthly Unlimited Option' may include one Private or Semi-Private Lesson.
Note:  Each additional Private Lesson added to the 'Monthly Unlimited Option' will be discounted.

Registration Fee:
A $20.00 sign-up fee is due per student at time of registration.
Note:  Registration Discount is given for registering siblings.

Competitive Team:
We offer a competitive program to select students (by instructor invitation only).  These students will compete in nationally recognized competitions, performing various styles of dance.  Call or come in for additional Comp. Team info.

Weekly Work-Out Classes:
$8/class, OR $20 added onto current monthly tuition for ongoing workout attendance 

Average Total Costume Cost
: $85.00 (child size), $95.00 (adult size)

Spray-Tanning Services:  $20.00

Our bronzer is an organic DHA-certified solution uniquely formulated to give flawless tanning results without the harsh chemicals found in many typical tanning solutions.  By appointment only.

Gift Certificates Available
*Automatic Payment option offered for your convenience
*Birthday Parties
*Free Wireless Internet
*Fundraising Opportunities 

If a Group Class is missed for any reason, the dancer will have the opportunity to attend a make-up lesson.  Therefore, you won't lose out on classes paid for in advance.

*Notification of an illness or an expected absence would be greatly appreciated.

*In the event that a student decides to discontinue classes, notification must be given immediately.

Weather / Cancelled Classes

In the event of a cancelled class, due to the weather, a telephone recording will provide this information.  We will also have this information posted on our Facebook page.

If a class is cancelled for any other reason, each student will be notified in advance.

Dress Code:

Leotard or fitted tank-top, tights or leggings, skirt or shorts (optional), and leather or canvas Ballet slippers.

Leotard or fitted tank-top, tights or leggings, skirt or shorts (optional) and Tap shoes.

Leotard or fitted tank-top, tights, skirt or shorts (optional), and bare feet and/or recommended footwear (see instructor for footwear)

Note: Baggy shirts, baggy pants and/or jeans are NOT ALLOWED.

*Hair must be pulled back and secured.

Weekly Work-Outs:
Students may dress comfortably.
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