"Combo Classes" - Pre-School (ages 2 through 5)
These weekly classes consist of short, simple, fun activities for young students.  They will learn basic Tap & Classical Ballet technique.  They will develop motor skills, flexibility, and rhythm.  Lastly, these students will work on a routine for performance in our annual recital.

 "Combo Classes", Kids, & Teens 
Students ages 7 & up will study a combination of Jazz and Hip-Hop for an hour and 15 minutes per week.
Separate Tap classes for ages 7 & up will be available depending on the size of the class and the needs of the dancers.

Acro / Stretch

"Acro" classes will meet weekly to work on upper and lower body strengthening and stretching.  With the use of their core strengthening, these students will learn various basic, intermediate and advanced tumbling and stunts.

There will be no Acro classes December-June.

This style of dance is available to students taking a minimum of 1 hour and 30 min. of Classical Ballet per week.  Pointe is NOT for beginners.  The instructor will determine if and when a student is ready to begin Pointe work.

Note: Lyrical classes are available to Ballet students only

Competitive Team
This is an intensive program of all styles of dance offered.  These dancers attend several classes per week to prepare for Spring and Summer Competitions.  They also may be called upon for various additional performances.

This program is by teacher recommendation only.

Adult Classes
No Experience Necessary!
Classes are available in Tap, Jazz and Hip-Hop.  Classes consist of a warm-up, technique, combinations and a routine.
(Recital performance is optional)

Tuition Prices & Payment Info.

Tuition is due the FIRST class of each month.

Monthly charges are a flat rate per hour class and based on an *average of four classes per month.

*This means some months may have more than four classes and some may have less.

A small discount will be given for each additional group class that is taken per student or family member.

Weekly Class Tuition Rates:
45 min. class:  $36.00/month

1 hour class:  $48.00/month
1 hour & 15 min. class:  $60.00/month

Add $20/mo. to Monthly Tuition to Add a weekly Acro Class

Semi-Private Lessons (2-3 students):
$14.00 per 1/2 hour (per student)

Private Lessons:
$18.00 per 1/2 hour

Monthly Unlimited Options:
These packages are age / level based. 
$150/month:  (ages 8-12)
$170/month:  (ages 13 & up)

Practice CD upon request: $5.00 per CD

Registration Fee:
A $20.00 sign-up fee is due per student at time of registration.
Note:  Registration Discount is given for registering siblings. 

Average Total Costume Cost:

$90.00 (child size),  $100.00 (adult size)

2018-2019 Class Schedule:



Combo class - Ages 2-3


Combo Class - Ages 5-6


HipHop - Ages 4-6


Adult HipHop


Adult Tap (Intermediate)



*Mini Co. Tap


*Jr. Co. Tap


*Mini Co. Lyrical


*Jr. Co. Lyrical


Barre Stretch - Suitable for Adults & Teens


*Jr. Co. Technique



Combo Class - Ages 3-4


Beginner/Int. Tap - Ages 7-10


Jazz & HipHop - Ages 7-9


Jazz & HipHop - Ages 10-13



*Mini Co. Ballet & Jazz


*Jr. Co. Conditioning


Solo and/or Duet time slots are limited and given on a first come first serve basis. None currently available.

*Mini & Jr. Co. Classes are by Teacher invitation only.